VIULECTURES 2|14: December 1, 2014
VIU continues the series of the VIULECTURES 2|14, a cycle of appointments open to the public, as part of VIU Fall 2014 term academic offer. Next lecture: The Quality of Mercy. A Reflection on 30 Years of Humanitarian Work and International Cooperation
Guest Speaker: Filippo Grandi, Italian diplomat and United Nations official.
Monday, December 1, 2014 at 5 pm, room 1G
Globalization Program, Spring 2015
Pre-registration is now open! Over 130 students from all over the world will take courses on Italy, Cultures of the World and Global Challenges in the 15-week program. The specialization track courses will focus on Environmental Management and Sustainable Development.
More about procedures and admission requirements. 
Pre-register now.
Internships & Mobility: what’s going on...
VIU is currently interviewing the 26 candidates for the Research Internships and Mobility Program: the winners will be selected at the end of the Fall term and awarded scholarships. Meanwhile four Spring 2014 students are already carrying out research around the world for their final Master’s thesis. Discover who they are… and much more about the Program and internship testimonials!

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