In a Green Economy the reduction of the environmental impact of business enterprises results in economic advantages for the companies themselves.

The identification of the factors that push firms to develop such strategies is a fundamental step to further promote green economics and to move our society toward a Circular Economy.

In the last 10 years, VIU has developed research and capacity building projects focused on the studying and the dissemination of knowledge about policies, strategies and dynamics of moving towards a green economy and a low-carbon society, based on Sustainable Consumption and Production, in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the SDGs.

Researchers with different backgrounds (e.g. business sector and academia) are involved in those projects, thus contributing to highlight the multiple factors involved. The scale of the projects carried out in this area ranges from local to international.

- To promote capacity building for professionals and policy makers on Green Economy and Circular Economy
- To strengthen the dialogue among corporate, governmental and scientific institutions for Green Economy and Circular Economy implementation
- To support citizens' awareness and engagement for Sustainable Consumption

In line with VIU methodology, networking and building communities around discussion topics is at the basis of our approach to projects, with the aim to activate competencies in a variety of disciplines. Our projects on this focus area are built around:

Capacity building to civil servants and professionals designed as short training sessions on topics related to Green and Circular Economy, through a multi-disciplinary perspective. In-class sessions and site visits supports the adopted methodology.
Awarness Raising and Dissemination for professionals coming from different sectors, e.g. business, media, think tanks.
Research on strategies and actions for Sustainable Consumption and Production, applying the Circular Economy model.