In October 2015 a delegation of Rectors and Professors from the VIU Member Universities headed by VIU President Ambassador Umberto Vattani was received at the Presidential Palace in Rome.


The President of the Italian Republic, the Hon. Sergio Mattarella, expressed in his speech his praise and admiration for such an innovative and successful example of a multicultural and interdisciplinary academic venture.


The speech can be found on Youtube at this link.



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The prestigious University of Bordeaux, France, officially became a Member of VIU on Saturday, October 31 2015.


The President of the University, Professor Manuel Tunon de Lara, was warmly welcomed by the President of VIU, Ambassador Umberto Vattani, by the Dean, Professor Agar Brugiavini and the other Members of VIU during a meeting of the Assembly and the Board of Directors that took place exceptionally in Rome as part of the program of special celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the foundation of VIU.


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On October 15-16, major experts from academia and industry, together with policy makers and NGOs representatives will be gathered at Venice International University to bring personal experiences, empirical evidence and institutional positions on the issue of sustainability in the automotive industry.


Through presentations, keynote speeches and open discussions the Symposium will contribute to build a shared vision on sustainability. Specifically,the discussion will address the following key-questions:

- Which are the main differences in the sustainability regulation between Asia, Europe and America?
How do these differences affect the competitive ecosystem? Is there a unique perspective on what
sustainability means across global corporations, or there is rather a variety of standpoints?

- Do investments in sustainability operated by firms affect their financial performance? Which is the
rationale for a company for investing in sustainability and disclosing the actual sustainability results?

- Do the final market (consumers) perceive the sustainability issue as a relevant factor in orienting the
purchase process and, in general, the choice of a product?


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On Saturday September 19, the international conference entitled "The Dialogue between Confucianism and European Cultures: Withering or Developing Confucianism in the Era of Globalization?" will take place at Venice International University, on the island of San Servolo.

The event is organized by Università Ca' Foscari Venezia, Venice International University and ICA (International Confucian Association).


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On September 22-26, 2014, the CeNS workshop entitled "Walk and Talk at the Nanoscale" will take place at Venice International University.

The workshop brings together young researchers of the Center for NanoScience (CeNS) and the Collaborative Research Center SFB 1032 with experienced scientists from the fields of physics, chemistry and molecular biology. Renowned nanoscientists from all over the world will convene on the island of San Servolo to exchange ideas and discuss their latest research progress.


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