TeDIS carries out training and research in the field of Innovation and Competitiveness in the Global Economy with particular attention to globalization processes of world economy related to the following focus areas: Creativity Design and Innovation, Sustainable Logistics; Urban mobility policies.

TeDIS is conceived as:
- a research context, being an active partner with respect to specific requests received from firms and  public and private institutions.
- a cultural and training context, proposing events and meetings.

TeDIS is involved in several EU-funded projects and also promotes and hosts initiatives that provide an international network for target groups of researchers, institutions, and policy-makers connected to its research focus areas.

Since its foundation in 1999 TeDIS has received funds from public institutions such as the local government, the Italian Ministry for Research, the Italian Ministry for Innovation, Formez, the European Commission. Private companies have also supported TeDIS research from the beginning. Among these firms, the main supporters were: SAP, Sun Microsystems, Telecom Italia, HP, Lotus.
Joint research projects were also developed with Duke University, Center on Globalization Governance and Competitiveness.

In the first decade the core areas of study of TeDIS were:
- Industrial districts, technologies and networks (1999-2009)
studying Industrial Districts and SMEs embedded in local manufacturing contexts and their evolution process in relation to Network Technologies. The research analysed the level of convergence between the development economic model and ICT opportunities.
An annual Survey analyzed the diffusion of network technologies and the most challenging evolutionary trends within the Italian Industrial Districts according to a quantitative approach.
- SMEs, local clusters and internationalization (1999-2009)
Studying the process of SME's internationalization in order to describe and to analyze the internationalization trends of Italian SMEs and local manufacturing systems within the global economy scenario.


TeDIS People

Scientific Director
Stefano Micelli - stefano.micelli@univiu.org

Executive Director
Lucia Di Gioia - lucia.digioia@univiu.org

EU Project Controller
Matteo Cavalieri - matteo.cavalieri@univiu.org

Creativity, Design and Innovation
Stefano Micelli  - stefano.micelli@univiu.org

Sustainable Logistics: Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Marco Mazzarino - marco.mazzarino@univiu.org

VIU Fellows
Enzo Rullani, Ca' Foscari University of Venice
Giancarlo Corò, Ca' Foscari University of Venice
Mario Volpe, Ca' Foscari University of Venice
Marco Mazzarino, University IUAV of Venice
Luca De Pietro, University of Padua
Marco Bettiol, University of Padua

Maurizio Cociancich, Stefano Grigoletti, Giovanni Longo, Paolo Menegazzo,
Lucio Rubini, Chiara Sorice, Jessica Tomaselli.