In the Intensive Graduate Activities, participants develop a forward-looking vision, experiment with interdisciplinary approaches, collaborate with peers from all over the world, tackle transversal topics, undertake scientific challenges in innovative ways while building and strengthening networks of scholars on areas of shared interest within the consortium. Professors from a minimum of three member universities participate in the scientific coordination of each program.


International PhD Academy
Interdisciplinary intensive programs on major societal challenges, with a parallel training program in transversal skills to prepare advanced PhDs for research careers in academia or in the private sector.


Graduate Seminars
Thematic intensive seminars, on a focused topic approached from a multidisciplinary perspective. The aim is to support early-career PhDs who are beginning their research and to facilitate interdepartmental cooperation.


Summer Schools
Intensive taught programs for various target groups, from Bachelor to PhD level, and also professionals. The Summer Schools are open also to students from non-member universities.