Organised since 2016, Graduate Seminars are thematic intensive seminars on a focused topic, approached from a multidisciplinary perspective. The seminars are driven by interdepartmental cooperation, and it is expected that they will give rise to medium- and long-term projects involving the participating departments. They are suited to both Master’s and PhD students as well as junior researchers coming from different disciplines, who are still defining their research proposal and are open to candidates from all the VIU member institutions.

Each Graduate Seminar has a different topic and is delivered in a variety of ways, in addition to the one week in person intensive activities. They include blended formats, including virtual sessions, and feature conferences.

The Graduate Seminars that focus on a major societal challenge faced by humankind today are part of the Global Challenges Initiatives. These Initiatives are a coordinated stream of VIU activities with a common purpose: the creation of knowledge, understanding, and skills, responding to current and future major societal challenges faced by humankind today.