Venice International University will reopen from Monday 18 November.

UPDATE Saturday November 16

Line 20 is running regularly and the classrooms and equipment at the first floor are undamaged.

After another short bad weather spell on Sunday November 17, the tide should get back to normal, therfore from Monday Nov. 18 classes will restart with the regular schedule.



UPDATE 13 November, 7 pm

A temporary landing dock has been installed on the island and regular public transport services have resumed.  

Nevertheless, ALL Globalization Program classes are canceled on Thursday, November 14.


During the evening of Tuesday 12 November, Venice experienced an extremely high tide, second only to the historic high tide of 1966. 

Usually the island does not suffer significant impact from high tides, but on this occasion, the main building has been flooded, and there is structural damage to a perimeter wall. 
The public boat service to the island is not operating as the dock has been damaged. 

VIU is working with San Servolo Servizi and the Ca' Foscari International College to restore services to the students on campus. 

Students should check their email for updates.