More than 100 participants have signed up for EU project training at VIU during the past three months of COVID-19 lockdown.

These courses are usually held at VIU, as an intensive 3-5 day program, but during the current pandemic we have successfully created a new opportunity, at VIU, extending its reach to a broader audience. The training courses are now available in a virtual format, with live participation online via video-conferencing.

The programs are suitable for anyone who wishes to learn about EU funding opportunities, and learn how to develop and draft a European project proposal: from building partnerships, drawing up budgets, and defining an effective circulation and communications plan. There are several different opportunities, from the introductory level for novices, to the advanced options for people who already work in this field, but who want to gain some specific professional skills to apply to their work.

The virtual formula is currently working very well, and the increased interest will lead to an evolution of future programs to combine the benefits of both traditional face-to-face classroom activities and distance learning.


For further information:

The EU Project Training Centre was established in 1999 in collaboration with AICCRE – Italian Association for the Council of Municipalities and Regions of Europe. Since 2010 it operates within Venice International University providing training courses in EU Project Management to support companies, public authorities, and associations in preparing to successfully apply for EU funding.