On December 17, 2020, VIU celebrated the end of the Fall term with a closing ceremony held online.

This term has been challenging, to say the least, but nevertheless, VIU had the pleasure to welcome - physically and remotely -  69 students from 18 different nationalities. Some students even managed to live in Venice throughout this whole period and our hope is that they've been able to enjoy their stay and learn a lot from this new context and from VIU's courses. 

During the Closing Ceremony the winners of the "Special Contribution to the GP" award for Fall 2020 were finally announced:

  • Lana Nastia Anzur (UNILJ)
  • Maeve Cucciol (CF-E)
  • Chen Cui (CF)
  • Gemma Dauncey (UOE)
  • Eva-Carina Martschew (LMU)
  • Anna Tallulah Morgan Pickles (UOE)
  • Nina Alexandra Schmidt (LMU)
  • Manuele Veggi (CF)
  • Zhen Xiao (LMU)

While here are the chosen candidates for the Internships in Italy program:

  • Lana Nastia Anzur (UNILJ)
  • Gemma Dauncey (UOE)
  • India Fisher (UOE)
  • Antonia Kreutzer (LMU)
  • Veronika Lutz (LMU)
  • Eva Martschew (LMU) 
  • Francesca Rinaldi (CF)
  • Sania Shah (UOE) 

Students who were awarded VIU scholarships:

RED with scholarship candidates

  • Lana Nastia Anzur (UNIJL)
  • Remy Bisson, BA (UBX)
  • Margherita Tess (CF)

Worldwide Mobility candidates 

  • Zhen Xiao (LMU), Master's Degree in Cognitive and Cultural Linguistics. Project: A study of the Linguistic Landscape in the “New Chinatown” of Tokyo Ikebukuro. Destination: Waseda University
  • Nadia Sabattini (CF), Master's Degree in Comparative International Relations. Project: Towards Sustainable Labor Migration: The Case of Japan in the ASEAN Countries' Perspective. Destination: Waseda University.
  • Marco Bottin (UNIDP), Master’s Degree in Law. Project: Different approaches in soft law: the Japanese Gyosei Shido and the European Commission policy on competition before and after COVID-19. Destination: Waseda University.

This Fall, as always, VIU has collaborated with several professors from member universities, to achieve its high standards for the Globalization Program. Here are the names of the professors that together with VIU staff have made this possible: 

  • Federico Boschetti (CNR)
  • Massimo Brunzin (VIU)
  • Il Joon Chung (KU)
  • Agostino De Rosa (IUAV)
  • Carlo Giupponi (VIU)
  • Natalie Göltenboth  (LMU)
  • Cristiano Guarneri (UNIPD)
  • Gianmario Guidarelli (UNIPD)
  • Aleksandar Kešeljevic (UNILJ)
  • Francesco Lissoni (UBX)
  • Paola Modesti (VIU)
  • Luca Pes (VIU)
  • Denis Renevey (UNIL)
  • Glenn Stockwell (WAS)
  • Roberta Vignando (VIU)

Various co-curricular activities were organized, from in-person activities such as the visits to Palazzo Ducale and Museo Correr, the Teatro La Fenice, the Ghetto and the Jewish Museum, to online activities. Here are this term's ones which were held online:

  • VIU Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange 
  • VIU Plenary Workshop "Can Democracy Save the Environment?"
  • VEUMEU Venice Universities’ Model European Union  
  • Tea2B on LGBTQ+ Community and Intersectionality, Reflecting on environmental issues and solutions, in Venice and beyond!, Cultural Experiences in Venice, Cultural appropriation, Can Democracy Save the Environment?, Policing language, censorship and slur reappropriation
  • Biennale: Disquieted Muses exhibition virtual tour 
  • Le Stanze del Vetro virtual tour
  • Uffizi Gallery virtual tour

These activities and lectures were all carefully planned and organized by the GP staff, which VIU would like to thank for its work and dedication: 

Staff Globalization Program 

  • Luca Pes - Vice Dean
  • Orla McLaughlin – Associate Director Academic Programs
  • Cristina Di Gioia – GP Program Coordinator
  • Maddalena Gottardi – GP Program Assistant
  • Carolina Guarnotta – GP Program Assistant 
  • Elena Bovolenta - Librarian
  • Marcello Masiero – IT technical assistant
  • Alessandro De Rossi – Network administrator
  • Nicoletta Cirota - Fall 2020 Intern at the Front Office and Library