Wednesday, March 29, at 12.30 pm in room 9D

Students interested in building on their capabilities and competencies in settings such as research centers, universities, cultural organizations and companies in Italy, will be interested in Internships in Italy.

Internships take place after the current semester and are two to four months long. Available projects in the host institutions are connected to themes of Globalization, Cultural Heritage and/or Sustainable Development. After an internship placement has been confirmed by a host organisation for a short-listed candidate, the student is awarded an Internships in Italy Scholarship that partially covers accommodation and living costs.

All students currently taking at least 3 courses in the 2nd Semester 2022-2023 of the VIU Globalization Program are eligible to apply. Active participation in co-curricular activities is a pre-requisite. Application forms are currently available on the student’s profile page and are being accepted until April 9, 2023.

There is additional helpful information in the Internships in Italy Call for applications, available at this link.

An Information Session is scheduled for March 29, at 12.30 pm in room 9D.