The European Interdisciplinary Council on Aging (EICA), has created an ad hoc training proposal in the sector of pneumonia, which is frequent and often associated with serious complications in the elderly population.

In addition to the epidemiological and clinical aspects, the course has opened up a discussion on the various international recommendations in the field of anti-pneumococcal vaccinations.

The e-learning course is ongoing until October 31, 2021, and open to all healthcare professionals. Please be aware that the language used for the majority of presentations is Italian. Participation at the event is free of charge, but registration is required; participants can claim 2 Continuing Medical Education (C.M.E.) credits.

  • Program:
  • Clinical and Radiological Updates o the Current Pandemic
  • Identifying Risk Factors of Viral and Bacterial Pneumonia and IPD
  • Definition of a Serious Infection in a Geriatric Ambulatory Patient
  • The Burden of Community and Hosptial-Acquired Pneumonia and IPD
  • Impacts of Pneumococcal Vaccines on Antimicrobial Resistance
  • Updated Pneumococcal Vaccine Recommendations by the Advisory Committee for Immunization Practice and International Comparisons


VIU participates in EICA through its Ageing Program. EICA is the first scientific organization in Europe specifically fostering the translation and dissemination of results from ageing research to various professional groups, policy makers, and the general public, mainly through advanced education programs.

For further information, visit VIU-EICA website or go to the course.