VIU's Intensive Graduate Activities bring students, researchers, and professors together in a collaborative environment to experiment with interdisciplinary approaches relevant to their studies and research. September has been a busy month on campus! There is a real sense of (almost) getting back to normal.


Summer School | Films in Venice and Filming Venice
August 30 – September 8, 2021

The aim of this Summer School is to combine film theory and practice, applying them to representations of Venice, through a multidisciplinary and multicultural approach, reflected both in the composition of the faculty and the student body. The program started with a virtual component - online sessions - during July and August, so the students were really ready to start on their projects once they arrived. The 20 students from 9 different universities worked in 4 interdisciplinary groups, producing, writing, directing, editing and acting in their short film projects. The faculty were very impressed with the quality of the work - all of them will be screened next week at the 11th edition of the Ca' Foscari Short Film Festival (October 6-9, 2021).

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Summer School | Critical Infrastructure Resilience
September 13-17, 2021

This was the fifth edition of the Summer School coordinated by Erdem Ergin of Tor Vergata. The sessions were led by a combination of academics and professionals from the private sector, which allowed the participants to gain a firm grasp of the theoretical concepts while analyzing real-world applications. The 14 participants included master’s and doctoral students from Stellenbosch University, IUAV, Tor Vergata, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Research Center (CRISR), as well as professionals from the private sector. Enel Foundation partners with VIU on this program providing scientific and financial support.

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The first PhD Academy of the year was coordinated by the National Research Council of Italy (CNR), along with partner universities KU Leuven and Ljubljana. The purpose of this academy was to familiarize young researchers with the so-called Transversal skills of the academic community. 22 PhD Candidates from 8 member institutions (CNR, KU Leuven, LMU, Bordeaux, Tor Vergata, and Exeter) and virtually every field had the chance to carry out exercises and simulations and get feedback from senior experts and their peers.
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PhD Academy | Plastic Pollution and Bioplastic Materials
September 27 – October 1, 2021
During this PhD Academy, led by Tor Vergata, Padova and TAU, participants from both member and non-member institutions across Europe and Canada are learning, discussing, and exchanging ideas around the challenging issues related to plastic pollution and how scientists are working to solve this problem. The Academy also includes a parallel program of transversal skills training and poster sessions. 
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PhD Academy | Quantitative Methods in Legal Studies

October 4-9, 2021

The Academy will be focused on the use of quantitative methods in legal studies. Participants will represent various countries with different legal traditions and jurisdictions, but all of them can benefit from the application of empirical methods to discover the legal reality.
The PhD Academy has involved the scientific collaboration between EUSP, KU Leuven, and TAU. The doctoral students who will attend also represent Ca' Foscari, University of Padova, Univerity of Bordeaux, University of Ljublana, Tor Vergata and LMU-Munich.
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Graduate Seminar | Climate Change Mitigation: Carbon Capture and Utilization
November 15-19, 2021

The aim of this graduate seminar is to provide the students with a comprehensive overview of carbon capture and utilization strategies with regard to their current stage of development and implementation, focusing on scientific and technological aspects, but also environmental, social and economic sustainability issues.
The program will examine technologies for separating CO2 from different types of sources such as flue gas, biogas and air, and for producing products such as chemicals, fuels (also bio-derived) and construction materials.

The Graduate Seminar has involved the academic collaboration between Tor Vergata University of Rome, INRS- Canada, Tsinghua University, and KU Leuven. The doctoral students and junior researchers who will take part are also from Duke, Bordeaux, Stellenbosch, INRS, KU Leuven, Tel Aviv University, Tsinghua, and Ca' Foscari. 

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