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SPROUT has tested nine innovative mobility solutions in the cities of Valencia, Budapest, Kalisz, Tel-Aviv and Padua. By applying SPROUT Evaluation Framework, the five cities have gained insight into the policy impacts of emerging transport solutions and identified those local problems and supportive policy measures that would help overcoming them. Pilot cities are now completing their final round of workshops with stakeholders to determine the implementation feasibility and user acceptance of the city-led policy responses.

The pilot cities include two that are home to VIU member universities: Tel Aviv and Padua.

Tel-Aviv engages road users in the debate on its new streetscape design.
As part of the Tel Aviv pilot applying a structured approach to resolving conflicts between the needs of different road users, the city of Tel-Aviv conducted an online survey to solicit public input on the design of the city’s streets.
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The city of Padua is testing an innovative and advanced transport system for the transport of people and goods consisting of electrically-powered modular vehicles able to travel individually or as a single train, which does not require dedicated infrastructures, and is able to adapt to changes in demand.
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SPROUT provides a new city-led innovative and data-driven policy response to address the impacts of the emerging mobility patterns, digitally-enabled operating and business models, and transport users’ needs.

VIU_TeDIS is one of the partners of the SPROUT project: Sustainable Policy RespOnse to Urban mobility Transition, financed by the H2020 Program.

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