During the Zoom meeting on January 17, information was given about the Globalization Program, about course registration, housing, and VIU covid-19 protocols.

You can find here below the ppt presentation used during the call (link on the image).

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Here are the answers given during the QA session at the end of the presentation:

_Virtual Office hours – Tuesdays and Thursdays via Zoom 12 pm - 1 pm CEST
Starting from Thursday January 20
Link: https://univiu-org.zoom.us/j/93708477747?pwd=MHcvUmVQZWJjQi9BQVdOZ0dxSE8wUT09


_Digital Covid Certificates (Green Pass) and restrictions
All information on the regulations and restrictions currently in force in Italy are collected at this link on the VIU website. All further updates will be published in the Protocol and Practice for COVID-19 Risk Mitigation section.


Fill out the form listing the courses you wish to take in order of preference. The admission procedure considers preference and date of registration.  

For each course you list in the registration form you can select a second choice, in the case there is no place in the first choice course. If you are admitted to your first preference when registration closes, your alternative preference will be removed automatically.

_The number of courses students should take or are recommended to take is determined by their home Universities.
However, there is a minimum set by VIU for certain categories of students.
The following must complete a minimum of 3 courses:
- students staying in VIU arranged accommodation
- students taking the Italian as a Foreign language course (Italian course+2 other courses)
- students willing to participate in the Internships in Italy Program
The following must complete a minimum of 2 courses:
- students willing to participate in the Worldwide Mobility Program

Students who do not wish to take Italian for foreigners, and who do not require VIU-arranged accommodation may take single courses at VIU.

_The Italian as a Foreign language course is considered as any other VIU courses, therefore counts as one while considering the number of courses attended by students and has to be included in the registration form.
Beginner and Intermediate levels are usually offered. In case there are more advanced students, upper-intermediate and advanced levels can be activated.
Students will be assigned to the right level according to a placement test that will be taken before the beginning of the semester. 

More information on pre-registrations and registrations is available at this link.


_Codice fiscale (fiscal code/tax code)
It is a personal identification code that all people living in Italy, even for a short period, must have. It is needed in a wide range of situations, like renting an apartment, accessing bank services or buying a SIM card for a mobile phone. It also will be needed to request or renew the Green Pass.
VIU has filed the request for such a code to be issued for each non Italian student and professor. We will send your code by email before the beginning of the semester. Should you have already requested the code at the Italian consulate in your country this will not be a problem, the office in Italy should find that your code already exists and will not issue a new one.


_Music Room at VIU
At VIU we do not have a permanent orchestra since students and professors change every semester, but we have a music room equipped with a piano, a guitar and a electronic keyboard. The room is open to all students and professors who wish to practice. The keys can be asked at the Front Office.


_Accommodation dates
2nd Semester of the AY 2021-22:
February 13, 2022 (check in) –  May 29, 2022 (check out)