On February 14, the semester kicked off with the arrival of 120 students to San Servolo for the Globalization Program. Students from Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, UK, Slovenia, Russia, Israel, USA and Japan are taking courses in a range of themes related to Italy, Global Challenges, Environmental Management and Sustainable Development, Cities and Global Change and Environmental Humanities.

Many of them from the UK, France and Japan are at their second consecutive semester at VIU and acted as guides and facilitators for the new students.

Orientation week was an opportunity for the students to get to know each other, and meet their professors and start discovering Venice. As part of the co-curricular activities the students had the opportunity to visit the San Servolo Museum to learn about the island's history as a psychiatric hospital and to roam Venice enjoying the carnival.

Courses began on February 21, and we can see that everyone is happy to be back in the classroom and settling easily in the courses routine. The Covid protocols established last semester are still in place but everyone is looking forward to the good season ahead and is eager to immerse themselves in VIU life.

During the semester at VIU the students will have lots of unique learning experiences both in the classroom, in their interdisciplinary groups and with teachers from all over the world, and outside the classroom, when we take teaching out into the field, to Palazzo Ducale, the Biennale, Ravenna to name a few, and also during the Tea2B weekly topical discussions, the Plenary Workshop, and the regular film screenings.


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