March 8, 2022 

On the occasion of International Women's Day, we are pleased to introduce you to the awesome women teaching this semester at VIU in the Globalization Program. 

Their research spans a range of disciplines from international law, economics, sociology, sociolinguistics, linguistics, urban studies, history and theory of fashion, on topics including: gender-based violence against women; gender, sexuality and society; gendered families; single life and friendships; women, welfare and urban studies; sustainable development; science communication, natural resource economics and energy.


Sara De VidoSara De Vido is Associate Professor of International and EU Law at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, where she is the Rector's delegate for gender equality. De Vido is affiliated with the Manchester International Law Centre, UK, where she co-founded the Women in International Law Network. She is author of the book Violence against Women’s Health in International Law, Melland Schill Series, Manchester University Press, 2020, and co-author of the report commissioned by the European Commission Criminalisation of gender-based violence against women in European States, including ICT-facilitated violence.

She is currently working on international environmental law as linked to feminist legal theories.
She has had seminars in Italy and abroad, including, among others, Manchester, ERA Academy in Trier, Philadelphia, Tokyo, on women’s rights in international law. She has worked as a consultant for the European Women’s Lobby in 2020 and worked, along with Dr. Lorena Sosa, for the European Network of legal experts in gender equality and non-discrimination mapping the criminal legislation of European Member States to counter violence against women in a report for the European Commission (published on 25. November 2021). 

Teaching at VIU: 

2022 | Rights of Nature and Animal Rights: an Ecocentric Legal Approach | GP Course 

2022 | Migration and Gender: a Legal and Literary Perspective | VIU Summer School 

2022 | What is a People? Social, Political, and Legal Controversies  | International PhD Academy 

2021 | Globalization, Ethics, Welfare and Human Rights | GP Course

2020 | Global Governance for Peace and Security, Cooperation and Development | GP Course 

2019 | Gender Studies | GP Course



Claudia FaraoneClaudia Faraone is Post-doctoral Research Fellow at Università Iuav di Venezia where she is involved in the Interreg Project DIVA “Development of Innovation Eco-Systems and Value Chains: supporting cross-border innovation through creative industries” and member of the Citylab Research Cluster. She is a founding member and coordinator of Venice local unit of ETICity – Exploring Territories, Imagining the City - urban researchers association; she is member of the research network Reseau LIEU (Logiques Identités Espaces Urbanités). She has been part of national and international research projects in Italy, Belgium and the UK. Research outcomes have been publications, exhibitions, and audio-visual productions dealing with cultures of production and regeneration of urban space and its practices, specifically changing territories after great socio-economic transformations (Rome and Veneto region) and after natural disasters (Skopje and L’Aquila). Some have been exhibited at Venice Architecture Biennale (2014, 2018). She has extensive experience in teaching Urban Design and Planning at Iuav and Roma Tre University, organizing field trips and seminars, theoretical and methodological classes, carrying students along the creative process for architectural and urban inquiry and projects.
Faraone is part of the Venice unit of the working group called  Laboratorio Città|Spazi|Opportunità (transl. City|Spaces|Opportunities Lab) within SeNonOraQuando movement actions, that produced this video on 4 Women, 4 Cities: Best Practices (in Italian)

Teaching at VIU: 

2022 & 2021 | Theories of Urban Space and Sense of Place in Global Change | GP Course



HossainTania Hossain is Professor of Sociolinguistics at the Department of Philosophy of Waseda University, Tokyo. Her research focuses on English language issues at societal and global levels, the historical context of the global development of English, the status of English as a first and second language, and issues involving English that are currently developing in and across diverse societies. She was Associate Dean of Waseda University, Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences, and has been Visiting Professor at the Eastern University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Along with teaching, she works as an interpreter and translator nationally and globally. She is a novelist, a travel writer and a poet.

Teaching at VIU: 

2022 | Gender Studies: Gender, Sexuality and Society | GP Course

2022 | Identity, Heritage and Globalization. Culture, Heritage and Globalization in the Context of Indian Society | GP Course

Recent Publications:

Hossain, T., (2016). Language rights: Implementing worldwide language rights and to promote social justice. In 'Mapping Human Rights and Subalterns in Modern India” (pp. 105-116). Kalpaz Publications: New Delhi;
Hossain,T. and Khan, A.A (2018). Rural Tourism Development in Bangladesh.ANE BOOKS: NEW DELHI;
Hossain, T. (2017). Language Policy in Bangladeshi Education: Bengali and English Languages as a medium of Instruction, Vol. 32, (p-21-27), Nepalese Linguistics, Linguistics Society of Nepal;
Hossain,T. and Khan, A.A (2021).The perspective of Religious and Spiritual Tourism in Bangladesh Vol.10, (p-57-77s), Association for Transcultural Studies, Waseda University;
Hossain,T.&Khan, A.A. (2020). Vision of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and Aligarh Movement in India, Vol.7, (In press), Association for Transcultural Studies, Waseda University.



LahadKinneret Lahad is a Senior Lecturer at the Women and Gender Studies Program at Tel Aviv University. She has been involved in various prestigious research projects, which merited international attention, praise, and materialized in publications in leading journals. Her current projects include independent and collaborative studies on friendships, aunthood, temporality, intimacy and affects. She is currently writing her next book on friendship temporalities.


Teaching at VIU: 

2022 | Single Life and Friendships in the Global City | GP Course

2022 | Gendered Families in the Global City | GP Course

2013 | Singlehood, Global Media and Culture | GP Course

2013 | Global Families | GP Course

Recent Publications:

Lahad, Kinneret (2017) A Table for One: A Critical Reading of Singlehood, Gender and Time. Manchester, Manchester University Press .

Lahad, Kinneret and May, Vanessa(2021). Holding back and hidden family displays. Current Sociology. Advance online publication.

Lahad, Kinneret and Kravel-Tovi, Michal. (2020). Happily-ever after: Self-Marriage, the claim of Wellness, and Temporal Ownership. The Sociological Review . 68 (3) 659-674.



mannino 250Ilda Mannino is Scientific Coordinator of the Intensive Graduate Activities and of the TEN Program on Sustainability at VIU. An Environmental Scientist, her current research interests focus on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Industrial Ecology, Science Communication and Public Engagement, Environmental Economy, Environmental Policy and Integrated Coastal Zone Management. She is involved in research and education projects on these themes at an international level. Among these: SMACH: Sustainable Management of Cultural Heritage in the Balkans in Response to Climate Change; MUHAI: Human-Centri Artificial Intelligence; QUEST: Project on Quality Science Communication, within which she contributed to the development of the toolkit for scientists and recommendations for policy-makers.

Teaching at VIU: 

2022  | Globalization, Environment and Sustainable Development  | GP Course (every Spring since 2009)

2022 | Science Communication Today: Challenges and Opportunities in the SDGs Era | Graduate Seminar

2021 | Science Communication and Sustainability  | GP Course



Maria Chiara Tosi 300Maria Chiara Tosi is Professor in Urbanism at Università Iuav di Venezia, where she is director of the School of Doctorate Studies and Head of the Research Cluster CityLab. She is a member of the VIU Academic Council, and Scientific Coordinator of the Interreg Project CREW Coordinated Wetland management in the Italy-Croatia cross border region (2018-2021). She has taken part in national and international research projects studying the evolution of urban settlements, with a specific focus on the Veneto region, and studying the physical aspects of welfare state policies in urban environments. Currently, her work also focuses on how the climate crisis affects both the physical and the socio-economic aspects of urban environments. She was co-curator of international exhibitions at the Shanghai Urban Space Art Season and the Bi-city Bienniale Shenzhen; co-curator of the Venice Pavillon at the 16th Architectural Venice Biennale.

Tosi M.C., Renzoni C., (2020) Donne, welfare e urbanistica : L'influenza di un approccio riformista e attento alla quotidianità sulla pratica urbanistica (transl. Women, Welfare and Urban Studies: the influence of a reformist approach that is attentive to daily urban life
Wang L., Tosi M.C., et al, (2018), Walkable Cities in High-Density China, Tongji University Press, Shanghai
Gruloise G., Tosi M.C., Crosas C., (eds) (2018) Territoriale metabolism, Jovis, Berlin;
Munarin S., Tosi M.C., (2014) Welfare Spaces. On the Role of Welfare State Policies in the Construction of the Contemporary City, Trento-Barcelona, LastLib.

Teaching at VIU: 
2022 & 2021 | Theories of Urban Space and Sense of Place in Global Change | GP Course

2022 | Cities and Water in a Time of Climate Change | International PhD Academy



vaccari 250Alessandra Vaccari is Associate Professor of Fashion History and Theory at the Università Iuav di Venezia. She has a background in contemporary art history and works at the interface between visual studies and design history.  Her interdisciplinary work focuses on three main areas: Italian and European modernist fashion in the early 20th century; the relationships between time and fashion, from industrial to imaginative and experimental temporalities; and from 2019, she has been researching "Fashion Futuring", which intends to investigate the present-day fashion cultures and their implications on environmental sustainability and social change. Her recent books include Time in Fashion (Bloomsbury 2020) and Remanufacturing Italy (Mimesis, 2020)

Teaching at VIU: 

2022 | Fashion Futuring | GP Course



VentrutoLaura Ventruto has been teaching Italian at VIU since Fall 2021. She graduated from the Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators (SSLMIT) of Trieste with a degree in Conference Interpreting (English, French, and Italian). She has 15 years of experience as a professional interpreter and translator in a wide variety of fields, such as law, technology, and cinema, and taught all levels of Italian at the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles. Laura particularly enjoyed interpreting at cultural events, contributing to the spread of Italian culture in California. She is currently pursuing a Professional Master’s degree at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

Teaching at VIU: 

2022 | Italian for Foreigners  | GP Course



Vymyatnina 300Yulia Vymyatnina is Professor of Economics at the European University at St. Petersburg where she is Deputy Head of the Economics Department. She was formerly visiting scholar at UCL and Visiting Researcher at the Bank of Finland and at the Oesteruropa Institute in Regensburg. Her teaching experience and research focus on the field of macroeconomics, industrial organization, consumer behavior, economics for energy markets; financial management, monetary policies, monetary theories. Publications in English include Creating a Eurasian Union: Economic Integration of the Former Soviet Republics, Palgrave Macmillan, 2014; and in Russian Theory of money: lessons from the crisis, EUSP press, 2013. Taught at VIU with Kirill Brasov, in Spring 2015 and 2017.

Teaching at VIU: 

2022 | Economics of Piracy | GP Course

2022 & 2021 | Natural Resource Economics and Sustainable Development | GP Course

2019 | Economics of Environment, Natural Resources and Energy | GP Course

2019 | Macroeconomics: Growth, Business Cycle, Crisis | GP Course