The VIU Summer School on Advanced Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Management begins today at VIU.

30 students and professionals from Italy, Belgium, South Africa and Slovenia have arrived in Venice to explore the latest innovations in technology, business models, and policy-making. The Summer School presents a unified approach to aligning market needs with integrated sustainable transportation, logistics, and land-use planning.

Through rigorous and nonconventional empirical and theoretical approaches they will explore emerging trends, strategic scenarios, IT and modelling tools, methods, case studies, and applied projects, and discuss how these can support business and policy-makers in achieving environmental sustainability and socio-economic efficiency.

We are very pleased to welcome on board as partners of the Summer School Enel Foundation and Confetra - Italian General Confederation for Transport and Logistics.

The contributions from these partners are indicative of the comprehensive approach of this program; it brings into focus the need for engagement among policy-makers, planners, companies, and other private and public actors in the transport, logistics and supply chain management sector.

The coordinators are Marco Mazzarino, Iuav University of Venice (IUAV), and Vittorio Marzano, University of Naples Federico II (UNINA). They identified the need for a program capable of bringing together an international cohort of students, researchers and professors, while involving professionals and policy-makers for real-world perspectives and applications of the empirical and theoretical approaches. VIU has signed an MoU with UNINA to develop the summer school into a multi-year project. The next edition will take place in Naples and Capri in 2023.

Fields of study:  Transportation, Logistics, Supply chain management, Planning, Engineering, Geography

VIU Member Universities involved:

  • Università Iuav di Venezia
  • Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia
  • KU Leuven
  • Università degli Studi di Padova
  • Stellenbosch University
  • Tsinghua University


In cooperation with:

  • University of Naples Federico II


In partnership with:


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Enel Foundation is a non-profit organization focusing on the crucial role of clean energy to ensure a sustainable future for all. By developing partnerships with pre-eminent experts and institutions across the globe, leveraging on the vast knowledge of its Founders, Enel Foundation conducts research to explore the implications of global challenges in the energy domain and offers education programs to the benefit of talents in the scientific, business and institutional realms.

VIU and Enel Foundation have a multi-year cooperation agreement with the aim of collaborating on the development of relevant impactful research, while increasing awareness and public debate on relevant topics and cross-fertilizing and developing talented human capital in the fields of climate change, resilience, adaptation and energy transition. Within the scope of the agreement Enel Foundation provides financial and scientific contribution to select graduate activities in the VIU Academic Programs.


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Confetra is the Italian General Confederation for Transport and Logistics. It is a trade association representing businesses operating in the transport, forwarding, and logistics sectors in the political, economic, social, and industrial affairs domains. It is autonomous, independent and apolitical and endeavors to further the development of Italian society, by contributing to the advancement of a business sector that is innovative, international and sustainable.  Among its aims is conducting research of economic dynamics related to the sector and providing professional training.