Next week graduate students in the Summer School Global Shakespeare: Othello's Venice will engage in a multi-faceted exploration of one of the most timely topics in the interdisciplinary humanities: Shakespeare's global contexts and futures.  

The program will culminate in a performance of Othello on: 

Saturday, July 9, 2022 
2.45 pm

Hall 1G, Venice International University
Island of San Servolo

Shakespeare's work will be discussed as a global vernacular, as a resonant language that is available throughout the world as a means of self-expression and inquiry.  Othello was written at a time of incipient globalization and represents and challenges the fraught dynamics of international cultural contact. By offering troubling insights into the development of the discourse of race, and by coupling that discourse with an unstable conflict between Christianity and Islam, the play speaks powerfully to our own world of religious, ethnic, and national antagonism.

The students of the #VIUSummerSchool will participate also in a performance workshop with the Venice Shakespeare Company throughout the week.

Program open to the public: 

Saturday, July 9, 2022 
Hall 1G, Venice International University
Island of San Servolo

2.45 pm Performance of Shakespeare's Othello

5.00 pm  Round Table with lecturers, students, actors and public. 

6.00 pm Reception 

If you wish to attend please submit your request by filling out this short form.

How to get to VIU.


Venice Shakespeare Company: 

Anthony Renshaw
David Carr
Elena Pellone
Hunter Perske
Monica Garavello
Betty Andriolo
Michele Guidi


Rocco Coronato, University of Padova (Coordinator)
Shaul Bassi, Ca' Foscari University of Venice
Kevin Curran, University of Lausanne
Noémie Ndiaye, University of Chicago
Alessandra Petrina, University of Padova 
David Schalkwyk, Queen Mary University