Human Safety Net Auditorium in Piazza San Marco
September 29 at 6 pm

4 docu-films in French: From Chaos to Harmony

After more than 5 years of writing and filming, Sébastien Lilli offers you in these documentaries a reading of the fundamental laws of life, a journey of the soul inviting us to understand our world, our Universe, Nature and Us… Life calls for life and we have sacrificed it for too long. How and why did we get here? Healing is possible, a leap of consciousness is even underway!

7 excerpts to discover in the Forge of the Future:

Bio-mimicry: the systems of tomorrow when nature inspires society
From awakening to overall health, respecting life to respect oneself
From impermanence to letting go, every crisis is an opportunity
From quantum physics to love, in the invisible hides our antidote...
Permaculture gardens, moving towards autonomy and resilience
The consciousness of water, a memory that shakes up science
The future influences us, connect to the best of possible

The third and fourth parts of Sebastien Lilli’s docu-film in French "From Chaos to Harmony" will be screened at the Human Safety Net Auditorium in Piazza San Marco on September 29 at 6 pm.

Free admission.

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Sebastien Lilli
A committed entrepreneur and creator, also convinced that reality is bigger than we think, Sébastien Lilli lives as an explorer of the invisible, in search of harmony. From the age of 20, after going through chaos, he created INREES, an unprecedented space for research and reflection on the frontiers of science, psychology and spirituality. Since 2007, the institute has fully participated in the invention of a new paradigm.