Each semester scholarships are awarded to talented students to contribute to the cost of living in Venice for a semester, to promote excellence and diversity in the Globalization Program.

Among the students enrolled in the 1st Semester 2021-22 of the Globalization Program, three were selected as RED (Residency-Excellence-Diversity) Scholars:

Stephen Finlayson, BA student of History at University of Exeter, UK
Daria Glebova, MA student of Art History at European University at St. Petersburg, Russia
Sina Cornelia Streitberger, BA student of Anthropology at Ludwig Maximilians Universität, Germany

The RED scholars are expected to actively contribute in promoting and organizing co-curricular activities such as the Tea2B, informal conversations on key topics that involve students, professors and staff taking place on Mondays at VIU.
They also participate in the Globalization Program Plenary Workshop, that this semester focused on Venice.
Their role is mainly in the editorial team, under the guidance of prof. Pes, to document the activities of the workshop and produce some follow up materials to be published on the VIU website and magazine.

Recipients of the KA107 Erasmus+ grants are not eligible to receive the RED scholarship but may apply to participate as a RED Scholar on a voluntary basis.


Application for RED scholarships for the 2nd Semester 2021-22 are now open.
Students can apply until November 30, 2021 after completing pre-registration using the link available in all the pages of the Globalization Program area of the VIU website, in a white box at the side of the pages.

For more general information about the RED Scholarship please visit this page.